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Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney Speeding ViolationsDefended


Over 20 years experience with Grapevine, Texas traffic tickets!

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Traffic Tickets Defended & Warrants Lifted In All Dallas - Fort Worth Area Municipal Courts



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Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney Speeding Defended

Were you pulled over in Grapevine, Texas for an offense such as speeding, ran red light, or some other moving violation? In most cases we can appear in court for you and help you keep the citation off of your driving record. Thereby maintaining lower insurance rates, avoiding State surcharges, and driver license suspension. Read more >

Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney Warrants Lifted

Did you allow your Grapevine speeding ticket to go past due and go into warrant status? You need to get you warrant lifted! Especially before the annual Grapevine Warrant Roundup begins.  Our lawyers can post bond, lift you warrant, and appear in court on your behalf to plea your case to the best deal we can make. If you let it get to the point that you were arrested on your Grapevine traffic warrant we can also provide jail release. Read more>

Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney CDL Violations

Are you a Commercial Drivers License holder that received a traffic citation in Grapevine, Texas? For over 20 years Jack Byno has defended CDL drivers . We understand that your livelihood depends upon your clean driving record. As you know, CDLs are prohibited by law from being placed on deferred  probation or taking a defensive driving class. There are other options available to you. Read more>

Grapevine Drivers License Suspension Hearing Lawyer

Are you facing a suspension of your drivers license because you have too many speeding tickets on your record, no insurance convictions, State surcharges, an accident, or medical condition? As you can see, there are many types of suspended license issues and our experienced lawyers have handled them all. We can also assist you with applying for an occupational drivers license. Read more >

Grapevine Criminal Defense Attorney DWI

Almost every Driving While Intoxicated charge begins as a traffic violation stop, such as speeding or ran red light. It then spirals into something bigger - DWI. Sometimes people confuse the charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) with DWI. Too put it simply, DWI is the drunk driving charge in Grapevine, Texas. Who better to represent you then an attorney that has handled over 100,000 traffic tickets in his career as a lawyer and former municipal court judge? Read more>