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Traffic Tickets Defended & Warrants Lifted In All Dallas - Fort Worth Area Municipal Courts



I just received a traffic ticket in Grapevine today.  Can I hire you now?

Yes.  We will need your ticket number and the violations listed on it.

I lost my ticket that I received in Grapevine but I know I did receive a ticket from a Grapevine Police Officer.  Can you still help?

Yes. With your name, date of birth, and drivers license number, we can call Grapevine Municipal court and get the citation number so that we can send over a letter of representation when you employ us.

What are my options when I get a traffic ticket in Grapevine and hire you?

There are two options.

Option one is to hire us to plea your case to the best possible outcome.   We send a letter of representation to the court and request a new court date.  We appear at the court date for you and seek to keep the violations off of your driving record and reduce the court costs and fees due to the court as well.  We then mail you a letter letting you know the outcome of the plea bargain we reached, how much is due to the court, when, and where to mail the amount due.  

Option two is to hire us to take your case to trial. When you select this option, we will appear and request a bench trial on your behalf, and once the date is set, you will be required to appear at trial on your Grapevine traffic ticket with an attorney from our office.  At trial, the State will present its evidence which usually at minimum consists of the officers testimony and may include video taken at the time of the offense and shortly thereafter.  We will then present evidence to seek to create the reasonable doubt needed to win a not guilty verdict for you.  You may, but are not required to testify on your behalf to give your side of the story. Because however in most instances you are the only witness to controvert the officer’s testimony, most of our clients choose testify at their own trial.  Hearing all the evidence and attorney arguments on both sides of the case, the judge then weighs the evidence and finds you not guilty or guilty based on the weight of the evidence as he/she has determined it.

If I hire you to plea my case in Grapevine, will I owe anything else other than what I pay to you?

Likely yes.  Because Grapevine charges a small dismissal fee even for most compliance violations, a fee is usually involved.  Further, since most clients receive deferred disposition, there will be court costs involved with keeping the violation off of your driving record, but, out trained attorneys do our best to reduce the amounts that you will owe for your plea deal.  

I have proof that I had insurance and/or that I had a valid DL when I was stopped but I just did not have them with me in my car.  Can you get these dismissed?

With court accepted proof, these will likely be dismissed by the court.

I received a speeding ticket in Grapevine and I have a CDL.  Can you help reduce the consequences to my driving record?

We will negotiate with the prosecutor in Grapevine on your behalf to reduce consequences for our CDL drivers whenever possible and are often able to assist.  Contact us with your particular violation information for more details.

If there is an error on my ticket in Grapevine does that mean it will be dismissed?

Probably not.  As long as you can be reasonably identified from the ticket, as well as the vehicle you were driving, your case will likely not be dismissed because of this error.  However, we can assist with working out a deal on your behalf to minimize the costs and consequences to your driving record.


I missed my court date and have a warrant. What can you do to help?

If you have not entered a plea and made arrangements with the court, we can post a surety bond for you in Grapevine Municipal Court and request a court date as your attorney to work out a plea deal on your behalf.

I have one ticket that is in warrant in Grapevine but it has multiple violations on it.  How does that work?

We must post a surety or bail bond for each specific violation on the ticket.  We charge one fee per surety bond that we must post. 

Why should I hire you instead of a bondsman to lift my warrants?

A bondsman cannot go to court on your behalf.  An attorney can.

My loved one is in jail on a traffic violation warrant.  Can you help?

Yes.  We can verify the warrant is surety bondable, post the Grapevine traffic bond for jail release, and then get a new court date to work out a plea deal on their behalf.  

I called Grapevine and they told me I have a CAPIAS warrant.  Can you post a bond for me on this?

We cannot post a bond on this type of warrant because you have already entered a plea and made arrangements with the court which you did not keep.  If your Grapevine warrant is ALIAS however, we can post a surety bond for you in and get a court date to work out a plea deal.

Once I pay you the fee to lift my Grapevine warrant and go to court for me, will I owe anything else?

Likely yes.  You will owe Grapevine Municipal court the amount we negotiated for any plea deal we worked out on your behalf.  Plea negotiations are always carried out with the goal of saving you money and minimizing consequences to your driving record and we will provide you timely notice of any court costs due once the deal is made.


Can you keep the violation off of my driving record?

We certainly will give you a fighting chance. We use the 20 + years experience in Grapevine Municipal to do all we can to minimize the consequences to your driving record. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to keep the violation off of your record, there may be other options available to you and an office consultation is a good opportunity to discuss all the options based on your specific violations.  

Can you go to trial for me?

Yes.  If you want to plead not guilty and have a trial, we can certainly vigorously represent you at your trial in the Grapevine Municipal Court.

How many years of experience do you have representing CDL drivers?

We have been representing CDL drivers since 1994, and have helped many preserve and protect their driving record.

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I just received notice from DPS that my Drivers License is going to be suspended.  Can you help?

Yes. So long as you are within the 20 day period which you have to request a suspension hearing, we can send notice to DPS that you want a suspension hearing and represent you at that hearing to seek to keep it from going into effect.  We are highly successful at these hearings, and are very often able to keep our clients driving legally.

Will I need to attend my Driver License Suspension hearing if I employ you to represent me?

No.  You will not need to attend your Drivers License Suspension Hearing in most circumstances. 

Can I still drive just to work if my Drivers License is suspended?

Not unless you apply for and are granted an occupational driver's license. we can help you apply for one.

I did not receive notice that my Drivers License was going to be suspended.  Will DPS reverse the suspension because I did not receive notice? 

No.  You must keep your address current on your drivers license.  All legal notices are sent to this address and are presumed received if mailed to this address.  Therefore, you have no recourse after the fact if you say you did not get the notice so you could have requested a hearing. However, we can still assist you with petitioning the court for an occupational or essential needs drivers license.

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