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Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney CDL Violations Defended

Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney CDL Violations

Are you a truck driver that received a traffic ticket in Grapevine, Texas? With a Commercial Drivers License or more commonly known as a "CDL," you are held to a much higher standard than the average person with a regular license. This unique status comes with responsibilities and restrictions. As you know, if you have too many convictions on your driving record, your CDL could be suspended. Worse yet, the law does not permit you to take a defensive driving class or be placed on probation for moving violations. Don't despair. Attorney Jack Byno has represented CDL holders in the Grapevine Municipal Court for over 20 years.

CDL Speeding Tickets in Grapevine, Texas

Did you receive a speeding ticket or other moving violation in Grapevine? Because you have a CDL you cannot be placed on probation or take a defensive driving class. That does not mean you have no options. The type of offense and its severity can determine what type of an outcome the lawyers of our firm can work out for you in a plea deal or if necessary dictate trail strategy.

Pleading a CDL Violation in the Grapevine Municipal Court

You have a CDL. You have a ticket. But what type of vehicle were you driving? A big truck or a personal car? were you speeding? How fast? Over 15 mph or under? These and other factors can often have an impact on wether we can plead your case down to a lesser offense that carries fewer or no points against your CDL.

Taking a Grapevine CDL Ticket to Trial

Some CDL drivers have great driving records and other do not. Some can afford to take the points and others cannot. Some drivers just did not commit the violation they are charged with. In these situations it may be in the best interest of the driver to take their case to trial. With over 20 years of experience representing CDL drivers Jack Byno & Associates can give you quick and honest advice.

CDL Citations in Grapevine That Are in Warrant

Some of our CDL clients are over-the-road drivers and are gone for weeks at a time. Unfortunately for them , they sometimes miss their court dates. Our law firm can be retained to post bond and lift your traffic warrants. If we post bond, we can appear in court on your behalf and plead your case to the best deal we can make. Do not delay in lifting your warrants. You face a D.O.T. stop at any time and there is always the annual Grapevine Warrant Roundup to worry about. Read more >

Questions About CDL Violations in Grapevine?

Your livelihood depends upon your CDL being current and clean.  The lawyers of Jack Byno & Associates understand what is at stake for you. For more information please visit our FAQ page and/or complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.