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Grapevine dL Suspension Lawyer

If you received notice from the Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS) that your Driver’s License is going to be suspended you have a limited time to request a hearing.  Failure to respond may result in your license being suspended.  The Lawyers in our firm have over 20 years of experience representing clients at their Grapevine Driver’s License Suspension Hearings.

Notice of Suspension

Texas DPS will mail a  NOTICE OF SUSPENSION to the address on your driver’s license if you are in danger of having your driver’s license suspended.  Some of the reasons your may have received notice are if you have been convicted of the following: too many moving violations, two or more no insurance convictions, an accident or a DWI.   The best way to answer the question of  why you were sent a Notice of Suspension is to examine a copy of your Texas Driving Record.

a Grapevine Attorney can help 

Once retained our office will notify Texas DPS that we will be representing you at your Suspension Hearing.  If you reside in Grapevine, Texas your hearing will be held at a Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Court.  In most cases, you do not need to appear in Court with the Attorney.  We do request that you provide our office with a copy of your driving record so that we may go over it prior to your hearing date.  At the Suspension Hearing our firm will fight to keep your driver’s license in good standing.

Drivers License already Suspended?

If you fail to respond to the Notice of Suspension within the allotted time, or do not win your Suspension Hearing your driver’s license may not be valid.  The Grapevine area does not have mass transportation and most people still need to drive.  If you do not have a Commercial Class A driver’s License (CDL) and have not been convicted of two or more DWI charges we can assist you in obtaining an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL), otherwise known as an ESSENTIAL NEEDS LICENSE.  An ODL is used to drive to essential locations such as work, doctor’s appointments or school related activities.

Questions about DL Suspension?

For more information about how Jack Byno & Associates can assist you with your Grapevine, Texas drivers license suspension hearing or occupational drivers license please call us or submit our DL Suspension Contact Form.


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