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Were you arrested in Grapevine, Texas for Driving While Intoxicated, better known as DWI? There are several issues confronting you, such as drivers license suspension, higher insurance rates, State surcharges, and possible jail time. Its time to talk to a Grapevine attorney with over 20 years experience representing clients in the criminal court system.

Grapevine DWI Charges Can Lead to a Suspended DL

There are actually two different DWI drivers license suspensions that you can possibly be facing. The first is known as an ALR suspension which stands for Administrative License Revocation. To put it in simple terms, it is the suspension that occurs because a driver either failed or refused to take a breath test. The DWI defense attorneys of our firm can assist you in contesting the ALR and/or filing for an Occupational Drivers License (ODL). Read more >

The second suspension of driving rights may come as part of the punishment if convicted of DWI. Suspension periods in this situation are normally from one to two years. However, if this is a first time DWI, the norm is to get probation and not lose your license. If it is suspended, in most situations we can successfully apply for and ODL which, if granted, will allow you to drive legally to and from work, as well as other essential locations. Read more >

Other Consequences of a Grapevine DWI

People often call our law firm and state they are charged with a DUI. A DWI and a DUI are two different charges. A DUI is a Driving Under the Influence case. In layman's terms, DWI is the drunk driving charge. If convicted of a DWI other consequences include an increase in auto insurance premiums and the requirement of paying State surcharges in the amount of $1000 per year for three years. Failure to pay the State surcharges will result in a drivers license becoming invalid and one penalty for that may be arrest if you get pulled over for something like a Grapevine traffic ticket.

Criminal Penalties For A Grapevine DWI

The criminal penalties vary depending upon if this is a first offense, second, and third or more. Other factors include wether there was an open container, age of the accused, was there an accident, was there a fatality, CDL status of the driver, etc. Most first and second DWIs are misdemeanors and most third or more are felonies. Almost all DWI charges have one thing in common: they usually start as traffic violations that then spun into something much bigger. Who better to represent you then a traffic lawyer with over 20 years experience?

Questions About Grapevine DWI Defense?

There far too many variable to give details in such a short space. We will however, be happy to discuss the facts of your case with you at length. For more information please visit our FAQ page and complete our DWI Contact Form.

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