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Grapevine Speeding Ticket Attorney

If a Grapevine, Texas Police officer wrote you a speeding ticket, you must respond prior to the due date listed on the citation.  Signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt, rather a promise to appear in Court.  Our Law Firm has over 20 years of experience defending speeding tickets in the Grapevine Municipal Court.  Having represented thousands of clients in all types of traffic cases the Attorneys in our office understand the Court process and strive to work for the best outcome possible.

PLEAding Grapevine speeding Tickets

When hiring an Attorney for your speeding ticket you have two options.  The first option is to PLEA your case.  When retained a Lawyer from our firm will appear in Court on your behalf and work out the best possible deal.  In most speeding cases this means “deferred adjudication” or “probation”.  Conditions of probation include, but are not limited to, paying a fee to the Court and not receiving another citation during the probation period.  If you were under 25 years of age when your ticket was written State law requires you to complete a Texas State approved Driving Safety Course.  If you comply with all of the conditions of your probation the Court will not report the speeding ticket, thus keeping your driving record clean.

Grapevine Speeding ticket Trials

The second option available when hiring an Attorney is to enter a plea of “NOT GUILTY“.   This will set in motion the trial process on your speeding ticket. You, as the defendant, are required to appear as your own witness and may be questioned by both your Lawyer and the Prosecutor.  The Officer is also required to be present, and may be questioned as well.  At your trial any valid proof will be presented to the Court.  Based on all testimony and proof the Judge will make a ruling.  

CDL and speeding in Grapevine

The speeding laws for Commercial License holders are strict in Texas, thus limiting your options.  If you have a  Commercial Class A or B Driver‘s license (CDL) and received a speeding ticket you can retain our office to plea your case.  The Grapevine Municipal Court follows Texas State law and does not grant “deferred adjudication” (probation) or defensive driving to CDL drivers.  If you were in your personal vehicle when the speeding ticket was issued, we may be able to work out a deal with the Prosecutor. If pleaing your case we will try to reduce the effect on your CDL.  Just as any other driver, you have the option to go to trial on your case as discussed above.  Which option is best for you depends on your individual case.  Read more >

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The attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates have represented clients in the Grapevine Municipal Court with speeding tickets, CDL violations, and traffic warrants since 1994. For more information please visit our FAQ page and complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.

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