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Grapevine Traffic Ticket Attorney Warrant Roundup

Have your been contacted by the City of Grapevine Police Department about some outstanding traffic warrants? It is time to take those warrants seriously. The annual Grapevine Warrant Roundup is here and you may find yourself being arrested. For over 20 years Jack Byno & Associates have been lifting traffiic warrants in the Grapevine Municipal Court. We can post bond and appear in court on your behalf.

The Grapevine Warrant Roundup Process

The process of lifting a Grapevine traffic warrant and removing it from the warrant roundup lists is a simple matter for a lawyer with experience. If retained, we will contact the Grapevine Municipal Court and verify your warrant information. This means what traffic violations you are charged with and how much the bonds are. We will then prepare the bonds and submit them to the Court. Once the judge has signed the bonds, the warrants will be lifted and a new court date will be set. One of our attorneys will appear in court on your behalf and plead your case to the best deal we can make. Afterwards, we will then send you written notice of the outcome, how much your court fees are, and when they are due.

Participants of The Grapevine Warrant Roundup

The City of Grapevine is one of approximately 300 cities that participates in the annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup. If you have an outstanding traffic warrant it will not just be the Grapevine P.D. looking for you. Any police officer that pulls you over for a normal traffic violation can arrest you in any city. In addition, the Tarrant County Sheriff's department and the Texas Department of Public Saftety are participating in the Grapevine Warrant Roundup. 

In Jail Because of the Grapevine Warrant Roundup?

Did you gat a traffic ticket in Grapevine that went to warrant? Did you end up in the City of Grapevine Jail? We can still help you, so long as you have not entered a plea on your case. We provide immediate jail release for our clients. The process is not significantly different then if you were not in jail. If retained, we will contact the jail and get your bond information. We will prepare the bonds and deliver them to the jail. Once the bonds are processed by the jailers you will released and a new court date will be set. Since Jack Byno & Associates will be your attorneys of record, one of our lawyers will appear in court on your behalf and plead your case to the best deal we can make. 

Questions about The Grapevine Warrant Roundup - Call Us!

For over 20 years Jack Byno has practiced law in the Grapevine Municipal Court. To have your inquires answered please look at our FAQ page and/or complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.  For more immediate help call us at one of the numbers below:

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